Are You Surfing? Or Wiping Out?

No surprise, it’s rough surf out there for businesses. It’s tough to stay on the board — a day-by-day struggle to stay ahead of the latest wave, keep your balance, and keep moving forward.

Of course if we were really surfing, there wouldn’t be any problem figuring out if we were surfing or not. If the sun is shining on your shoulders, the wind is whistling through your hair and you have an enormous grin on your face, you’re surfing. If you’re wet, there’s salt water up your nose and your surfboard is whacking you upside the head, you’re probably not.

Sometimes in business, it’s a little harder to tell if you’re wiping out (or about to). But here are some tell-tale signs:

  1. You’re losing money, you don’t know if you’re making money, or there just seems to be less of it each month
  2. It seems like you’re working harder than ever, but for less and less
  3. You dread coming in to the office, answering the phone, reading your email, or opening your mail
  4. You have new competitors with strange new strategies that don’t make sense, but seem to work somehow
  5. You can see that things need to change, but your team doesn’t seem to understand
  6. You can get more information than you need, but none of it answers your questions
  7. You keep getting unpleasant surprises
  8. Your people are fighting each other, not the competition
  9. Your plan, which used to make sense, no longer does; its only use is to prop up the uneven leg on that table in the staff room

If any of this sounds familiar, then your business is in danger of wiping out.

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